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The Merenda Plan is based upon a variety of tenets. The most important thing a teacher can do for his students is to show them that he is committed to his profession and has a passion for it. He must be passionate about both the learning and teaching of the subject matter at hand and must demonstrate a commitment to developing the minds of his students.

I would like my students to leave my class better people than when they walked in. Every student will not be as interested in the subject of science as I am, and although I will strive to light a fire within them to explore this field, every child who leaves my class should be able to leave with a sense of personal development. Students should be taught life lessons, such as striving to always do your best, treating each other with respect, compassion, and concern, and never giving up because something is too hard. These are lessons that students can use when they leave the classroom and enter the “real” world. My philosophy of education is at its core, to give students the confidence, skills, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to become happy, intelligent, and well-respected members of society.

I believe that being an educator is much more than an occupation. To be a successful teacher, one should have the sense of a “calling”. Teaching is not something you do; a teacher is who you are. Children learn in many different ways, and my goal is to reach every child entrusted to me. You must teach the whole child by understanding the child’s background, values, and abilities. My desire is to teach, train, and educate our young men and women. Being a teacher must be in your heart, not on a diploma. Most students entertain several, if not many, career paths. For me, teaching is my passion. It is who I am.

"I want to wake up and think the day is about to meet its match."
—Kevin Matisyn

Meet Your Teacher

Mr. Merenda graduated from Robert E. Fitch Senior High School in Groton, CT and went on to attend Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. There he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology while graduating summa cum laude. Mr. Merenda received his Master of Arts in Teaching for Secondary Education from SHU the following year with a concentration in Educational Technology. He completed his internship and student teaching at Masuk High School in Monroe, CT where he also served as a permanent substitute teacher. Mr. Merenda is currently working at Ansonia High School in Ansonia, CT teaching Physical Science for the Freshman Academy and Forensics for upperclassmen. He is also the advisor for the AHS Video Game Club and the Wrestling Watching Club.

Mr. Merenda lives a straight edge lifestyle (no drugs, smoking, or alcohol) and enjoys working out, baseball, shopping, video games/computer tech, and relaxing with friends and family. He likes attending Yankees games as well as WWE live events with his wife, Jenny. Mr. Merenda is also a music enthusiast and enjoys listening to music and going to concerts in his free time.


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About Our Class

Hello everyone! This section of The Merenda Plan gives you a brief overview of what I expect when you enter my classroom. When you walk through that doorway, remember that it is no different than walking into a place of work. You should be respectful and on your best behavior at all times. You are all nearing adulthood and in order to be treated like adults, you are expected to act like adults. Keep the following classroom rules in mind when in my class:

"Never let the sun set on tomorrow before the sun rises today."
—John Hampson


"It is better to shoot for the stars and miss than aim at the gutter and hit it."


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